Freelance Like a Boss

How to escape the 9–5 and take control of your life

The only South African book that covers exactly what new freelancers need to know!


  • This book contains practical advice that is especially relevant to the South African context. It will save you so many hours, days, even weeks of research, trying to find information and frustration. With a framework like this, it’s much easier to really dig into the sections you want to, because you understand where it all fits in with the overall picture. This is not a story about someone who had rich parents and inherited fifty gazillion dollars and is now some “guru”. This is an action-adventure in which Shea takes you on a journey through her freelancing experience. Along the way, you learn valuable lessons to apply in your own business, whether it be full-time or part-time, it doesn’t matter.

    Ewald Horn
  • I started reading and for the next few days, this book was glued to my side. Literally. It came with me to the bathroom in the mornings as I brushed my teeth. I read it at breakfast and then picked it up again at lunch. I kept it on my desk to read it again after work. The chapters are pretty short so I was able to complete them without my short attention span getting in the way. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a book this much- especially a non-fiction one. Once it was done, I had that feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a book and surprisingly, I don’t have any questions about freelancing. If you’re interested in freelancing and have no clue where to start, this is the book for you. You’re definitely going to walk away having learnt something.

    Shanice Singh
  • I’m learning so much even in chapters with topics I thought I had ‘mastered’! It is extremely well-written with humour mixed into the hard truths. Thanks Shea Karssing for your brutal honesty and for sharing your knowledge and experience – it’s a gift to all budding or seasoned entrepreneurs who are striving for more success in this challenging world. Highly, highly recommended
    Nikki Sinclair
  • “Your book is totally up my alley, and the topic is SO relevant right now. Your quality of writing is excellent, and I like the way you’ve laid the chapter out with a short summary at the end..”

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    Phillipa Mitchell
  • “I have no doubt your book will fill an important gap in the market.“

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    Brenda Nieburg
  • I’m about halfway through it (the chapter about finding clients) and it’s fantastic! I know a lot of the stuff already, but it’s been an excellent refresher with great new insights. For example, I need to relook at my rates to build in vacation days, which I haven’t done before.

    Graham van der Made

Do you feel stuck and limited in your profession?
Are you waiting for the next bonus, the next promotion, the next public holiday, the next best thing?
Feeling burnt-out, underpaid and generally gatvol?

What if you:

  • Could become your own boss?
  • Had the freedom to choose when and where you work?
  • Could work towards your own dreams instead of someone else’s?
  • Could travel/spend time with your kids/tend to your garden at any time you damn well please?
  • Didn’t have to take leave to go to the dentist?

If you want to start freelancing but don’t know where to start, this book is here to turn YOU

into a home-office hotshot, starting TODAY.

The book every freelancer wishes they had

In Freelance Like a Boss, I help stunted in-house employees and frustrated freelancers create successful, sustainable businesses that will give them greater flexibility and earning potential.

Dive in to honest insights, info, tips and ideas on how to:

  • Identify marketable skills
  • Let go of excuses
  • Set up a business structure
  • Negotiate contracts and other legalities
  • Pay the correct tax
  • Set boundaries
  • Manage your time
  • Set pricing
  • And much, much more

After reading this book, you’ll feel empowered and equipped with the confidence to escape the confines of your 9 to 5 jobs and build the life you’ve always wanted.

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About the author

I’m a freelance writer based in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands whose boss gave me permission to write this book. After side-hustling for my entire working life, I decided to take the plunge into full-lancing six years ago and have never looked back. I’m always learning (often the hard way) about ways to improve my services, hone my skills and grow my freelance business. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Rhodes University, have written around 250 000 000 words in the past 10 years and don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. I love waking up every day, being my own boss, and wearing activewear exclusively.

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