Help me launch Freelance Like a Boss

Thank you for offering to help with my book launch!

Marketing a book is really hard. TBH, just as hard as writing it in the first place. Thank you so much for offering to help!


  1. Get as many pre-orders as possible by 19 June 2023
  2. Generate social media mentions and sales in the week of the launch
  3. Get reviews on Amazon and Good Reads. Books on these platforms are only as good as their reviews.

Pre-sales and sales around the launch date are especially helpful because that’s how the book makes it onto bestseller lists (which, in turn, really helps future sales). Thank you for doing this!

Just me an’ me book.

What is this book?

In  Freelance Like a Boss,  I help stunted in-house employees and frustrated freelancers create successful, sustainable businesses that will give them greater flexibility and earning potential.

Peppered with pros and cons lists and personal anecdotes, the book presents relatable, honest and sometimes irreverent insights into the freelance world. It includes insights into, tips and ideas on how to:

  • identify marketable skills
  • let go of excuses
  • set up a business structure
  • negotiate contracts and other legalities
  • pay the correct tax
  • set boundaries
  • manage your time
  • set pricing
  • and much, much more

You can learn more about the book here.

How to help

If you can do any one of these, that would be so helpful!


  • Schedule a reminder for yourself to make a noise (or even a tiny peep) on 19 June.
  • Pre-order the book on Loot (pre-orders count towards sales in the first week). And it’s currently selling for R70 cheaper on pre-order!

On 19 June:

  • Buy the book. Check the links on this page.
  • Review the book on Amazon, Goodreads, Takealot, Loot, or wherever you see it (you can be honest, I won’t take it personally!)
  • WhatsApp any mates who you think might enjoy the book to let them know about it.
  • Post on your social media platform of choice and/or share a post from my LinkedIn.
  • If you have a podcast, TikTok platform, blog, or anything like that, would you consider inviting me as a guest? Promise I’ll be on my best behaviour!

Link for LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp:

Please direct people to my website: Or any links where the book is sold would be great.

Useful hashtags:








Tag me so I can share! @sheakarssing

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Thank you!

I really can’t thank you enough. I’ve always wanted to write a book, and here it is! This book doing well is the best chance I have of being able to keep doing it.



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