It’s time to work less, earn more, and live the life you deserve.

If you follow the steps, I guarantee you’ll be able to work 1 hour less per day while earning more within 3 weeks. 

Dreaming of freelance freedom but feeling chained to the grind?

I’ve been there—overworked, overwhelmed, juggling client demands along a freelance rollercoaster. Not fun, and not why I became a freelancer. 

Imagine being able to boost your income while working less!

I decided that I needed to make a change by focusing on just 3 things:

Taking control of my time
Streamlining my processes
Charging smarter & earning more

These are the tactics I’ve used to increase what I earned in my full-time role by 600%.

In my own freelance business, I make 55% more than when I first started.

Not by hustling; in fact, I now work 20% less.

Your turn, Freelance Superstar To-Be!

Welcome to the start of your dream freelance life!
If you’re ready to make the change, watch the free “How to Work Less, Earn More” webinar or sign up for the Work Less, Earn More course. 

Meet your host: Shea Karssing

‘Howzit’, as we say in South Africa!

I’m Shea, freelance writer and author of Freelance Like a Boss, the guide everyone wishes they had when they started freelancing.

I genuinely believe in the power of the freelance economy to help people create lives of financial freedom, flexibility, meaning, and prosperity. And it’s my mission to help freelancers get there!

I’ve been featured in multiple podcasts and publications to help fellow freelancers stop working stupid, and create a life that they want to wake up to every day. 

I can help you achieve your dreams

As an industry expert passionate about empowering freelancers, I have helped countless individuals like you achieve their dreams of a fulfilling and lucrative freelance life.

Work Less Earn More Course Content Image

Shea doesn’t shy away from the things she’s messed up and helps you understand how she failed and what she did to correct that issue. Whether it be putting a better process in place, walking away from certain jobs, or just changing her perspective, it’s all there.

Ewaldt Horn

We all know you must identify your purpose to understand what to work towards, but Shea emphasized the importance of scheduling literally non-negotiable time to work on your priorities! Otherwise, it’s so easy to be busy 😏

Yuri Lazurak

Thanks Shea Karssing for your brutal honesty and for sharing your knowledge and experience – it’s a gift to all budding or seasoned entrepreneurs who are striving for more success in this challenging world. Highly, highly recommended.

Nikki Sinclair

What you’ll learn in the

How to Work Less, Earn More Webinar and Course

  • 1. Take control of your timeReclaim your schedule, regain precious hours, and take control of your work-life balance.
  • 2. Leverage tools and technologyStreamline your workflow and maximise productivity effortlessly with cutting-edge tools and technology.
  • 3. Increase your earningsNo more hustle! I'll show you how to amplify your income by working smarter, not harder.

Put my 3-pillar strategy into action to work an hour less and earn 10% more immediately!

Only you can take the next step and get off the grind

I can’t do it for you, but I’m here to guide you.

Join my WORK LESS, EARN MORE course and take the first step toward a freelance life filled with freedom, success, and fulfilment!