It’s time to work less, earn more, and actually start living.

If you follow the steps, I guarantee you’ll be able to work 1 hour less per day while earning more within 4 weeks. 


Enjoy more freedom and flexibility
Earn more money while working LESS
Create space for family, personal projects & hobbies

Stuck in the daily hustle? That’s not why you started freelancing, is it?

Are you tired of the freelance rollercoaster, juggling client demands, and grinding out each day?

I know the struggle. I’ve been there!

Hustling endlessly and feeling stuck.

But there’s a way out—a way to work less, earn more, and be the kind of freelancer who meets a friend for coffee whenever they damn well please. 

Enough of this nonsense!

WHO YOU ARE: A freelancer who is sick and tired of feeling stressed and scattered? 

Fully booked in your freelance career and struggling to find a way to carve out some free time for yourself?

Working 8+ hours and can’t figure out how to make more money without eating into your sleeping time?

Know you need to ask your clients for more money or more work but can’t figure out how to do it without sounding desperate?


Do you ever feel suffocated by the endless to-do list, drowning in tasks that never seem to end? The overwhelming workload leaves you juggling multiple projects, sacrificing personal time, and gasping for air.


The rollercoaster of financial instability flings you between feast and famine. It’s a relentless cycle that leaves you anxious about your financial future and picking up the wrong kind of work.


Are you stuck in a loop without progress? The frustration of feeling stagnant in your freelance career gnaws at your confidence. You work hard, yet it feels like you’re spinning your wheels, craving growth but unsure how to achieve it.


What would life look like if you could live your freelance dream?

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: This course will teach you how to use the Triple-T Freelance Freedom Pillars to shift from being overworked and undervalued to a fulfilling and lucrative freelance life.

By the end of the programme, you will have control of:


  • Gain control over your time and schedule
  • Enjoy the freelancing benefits, like flexibility and freedom of choice.
  • Create space for personal pursuits, family, and hobbies


  • Streamline your tedious administrative tasks
  • Create workflows to help you work more effectively
  • Leverage tools and processes for maximum productivity and output


  • No more feast/famine cycles, only a consistent income
  • Negotiate higher rates with confidence and professionalism
  • Make more money from existing clients


It’s time to reclaim your time, boost your income, and achieve the freedom you crave as a freelancer.

Join the proactive freelancers taking my course, Work Less, Earn More: The 3 Pillars of Ultimate Freelancer Freedom.

Let me show you how to work smarter, not harder, and turn your freelance dreams into reality.

You are the reason this course exists

Hi, I’m Shea,

Freelance writer and author of Freelance Like a Boss, the guide everyone wishes they had when they started freelancing. 

Taking control of my freedom has allowed me to do great things, like 

✓ Complete a full Ironman

✓ Write a book that has helped thousands of freelancers

✓ Get interviewed by my favourite celebs like Gareth Cliff

✓ Have my name published in almost every major publication in my home country, South Africa

As an industry expert passionate about empowering freelancers, I have helped countless individuals like you achieve their dreams of a fulfilling and lucrative freelance life.

Making a real impact is what gets me up in the morning

Shea doesn’t shy away from the things she’s messed up and helps you understand how she failed and what she did to correct that issue. Whether it be putting a better process in place, walking away from certain jobs, or just changing her perspective, it’s all there.

Ewaldt Horn

Thanks Shea Karssing for your brutal honesty and for sharing your knowledge and experience – it’s a gift to all budding or seasoned entrepreneurs who are striving for more success in this challenging world. Highly, highly recommended.

Nikki Sinclair

Shea walks the talk, having refined her business into what it is today, and here she’s sharing the advice in really easy, bite-size ways. Shea’s tips, hacks and advice make perfect sense. Here it’s condensed into just a few hours of professional, easy-to-access content.”

Tayla Blaire

If I did it, so can you!

When I first started freelancing, I said yes to pretty much everything that came across my desk.

I thought things were going well. I had a lot of regular clients, was making decent money, had a steady pipeline of incoming leads—what more could a freelancer want?

Let me tell you—freedom. I was working FRANTICALLY 10-14 hours every day, eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of my laptop.

Then it hit me. This was NOT the reason I wanted to become a freelancer. I want to be able to spontaneously meet a friend for coffee, go to the gym midday, take a lunch break, write my book on the side and just enjoy my life.

I decided to make a change.

And I switched my focus to just 3 things: Time, Tools and Takings
The Triple-T Freelance Freedom Pillars that got me where I am today.

My results?


Earning 600% more than my full-time role.


Earnings up 55% from when I started freelancing.


All while working 20% less!


Work Less, Earn More: The 3 Pillars of Ultimate Freelancer Freedom

Work Less Earn More Course Content Image

This course helps frustrated, overwhelmed, undervalued and overworked freelancers, like you, overcome the stress of the grind and feast or famine cycles. By teaching you ways to manage your time and make more money (without working more hours) so you can enjoy the life of freelance freedom you deserve.

You get:

  • 4 training modulesLearn how to use the 3 Pillars to make more money in less time as a freelancer, step-by-step.
  • Bite-sized lessonsEach lesson consists of a 5-minute video, some text to recap, and an actionable download or activity to implement.
  • DownloadsWorkbooks with prompts, guidance and tips as you progress.
  • Bonus contentOver $300 worth of bonus content, lessons and resources to supplement your business growth.
  • Lifetime access to all course content so you can refer back at any time.
  • Money-back guarantee.

PLUS exclusive bonuses!

  • A 30-min one-on-one call with me worth $100.
  • A free lesson from social media manager Kirsten Gower: “A Busy Freelancer's Guide to Social Media Content Planning” worth $100.
  • A free lesson from registered dietician Alex Robey: “How to fuel for focus” worth $100.
  • List of must-have freelancer safety nets.
  • Facebook community group to share successes and tips, and keep one another accountable.
Course Curriculum

Ok, but how much is it going to cost me?

✔ Comprehensive course content 
✔ Additional resources and tools 
✔ Community engagement and support 
✔ Bonuses worth $300

$300 for bonuses
TOTAL VALUE: $10,300

I could coach you on all of this good stuff I’ve spent years learning one-on-one, but that would come with a price tag of $10,000. Or, you could do all the hours and hours of research I’ve done for yourself. But the goal here is to get you more time and more money—and fast!

I don’t want the price to be a barrier for you.

If you take the initiative and implement everything I teach you, you’ll recoup the costs of the course (and then some!) in less than one month.

$10,300 $297 – for everything you need to work less, earn more.

South Africans: email me for the local rate in Rands:


South Africans: email me for the local rate in Rands:

This is my promise to you

I’ve put my experience, blood, sweat and tears into this course. And, if you’re willing to do the work, I guarantee you that you will get your return on investment. I’m so excited to help you get off the grind and start fully enjoying your freelance freedom.

I’m confident that in just 30 days if you apply all these steps, you can earn the same (or more) while working (at least) one hour less per day. I call it the FREEDOM GUARANTEE. 

But whether it’s 29 minutes from now or 29 days from now, if you aren’t happy, I ain’t happy. If, for whatever reason, you want your money back, just let me know. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm worried about wasting money on something that doesn’t work. How do I know this course is effective?

My course is backed by proven strategies that other freelancers (and me) have successfully applied to improve our income and work-life balance. And if you don’t see results, I’ll refund your investment within 30 days, no problem!

I'm concerned about not making the time to follow through with the course. How demanding is the course schedule?

Yes, working on yourself and on your business takes time. And you might have to go through a phase of not bingeing on your favourite Netflix shows, but it will pay off in the long run. And soon, you’ll be able to watch as much Netflix as you want. When you don’t have the time, that’s the best time to focus on getting more of it. 

The course is designed with your flexibility in mind. It consists of bite-sized, actionable lessons that you can access at your convenience. Each module is structured to accommodate even the busiest schedules, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

What assurance do I have that this course will bring about meaningful change in my freelance career?

It’s natural to doubt change, especially if your past attempts fell short. Maybe you’ve tried to solve this problem before, but you’ve never been successful. Why should this time be different? Because going it alone is so hard. This time, I’m with you, the community is with you, and we’re here to make good things happen.

How can I overcome the fear of stepping out of my comfort zone to embrace a new approach?

Whether you realise it or not, fear is often what holds you back from achieving your potential. I can help you with time and money, but I’m going to need your help on this one. It’s always scary to step out of your comfort zone, but, as we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So, if you can’t set aside your fear, make your WHY bigger than your fear. WHY do you want to work smart? To have more time with your family? To be able to travel the world? Whatever your why, keep your eye on that prize. Don’t let fear keep you prisoner. 

Can I afford this course if I'm currently facing financial constraints?

I understand financial concerns. Investing in your future can feel daunting. However, consider this as an investment in your growth. The course fee is structured to provide significant value with a range of bonuses and lifetime access. The strategies are aimed at helping you increase your income efficiently, making it an investment that can pay off in the long run.